Motivated Marketing
Located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Despite TJ’s love for the Lowcountry, the Philadelphia native never lost his passion for the city’s sports teams, including the Eagles, Sixers and Phillies. He even played high school basketball with Kobe Bryant! Needless to say, Kobe won. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the College of Charleston, TJ worked for the local ABC affiliate in town for years before embarking on a new adventure: starting his very own advertising firm. What started as a small, in-house (literally) operation grew to the thriving 30+ person firm it is today.

TJ’s clients only come second to his family, which includes his wife, Lauren, two daughters, Katelyn and Molly, and two dogs. When he’s not enjoying time with his girls, TJ can be found on the golf course or out on the water. If you overhear him conducting a meeting, you might not suspect that the eloquent speaker in your midst is also a fan of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Tupac and Dr. Dre. But make a mixed tape of his favorite rappers and you’ll win TJ over no problem.

Kristin Smith Director of Accounts and Operations

Once a proud Chicagoan, Kristin couldn’t resist the allure of the Lowcountry – and now considers herself a Charleston convert. Kristin can’t imagine a better place to raise her family, a happy household that includes her husband, her son and daughter, a fish and a cat she doesn’t like. (Animosity applies exclusively to the cat.) In her spare time, Kristin likes to crochet, sew and decorate … all endeavors she plans to add to her Golden Girls audition tape, should a reboot ever air.

Kristin’s favorite aspect of marketing is its constant evolution. She loves that there are always new avenues to an audience, always new creative ways to communicate a message. Surrounded by a team equally as passionate about solving problems and pushing boundaries, work seems more like a chance to inspire than an obligation. We’re proud to call this motorcycle license-toting, plant-killing, dog treat-distributing woman our fearless Director of Accounts and Operations.

The Team
We have assembled a talented, experienced, full service team.
Our Leaders
Elizabeth Reardon Creative Director +
Jose Amaya Broadcast Director +
Ben Gilbert Director of Web Development +
Matt Slechter Media Director +
Braden Bellack Account Supervisor +
Jillian Fix Billing Coordinator +
Adam Schwind New Business Development Manager +
Maria Musto Director Of Accounting +
Kim Pardo Executive Assistant +
Taylor Johnson Marketing Coordinator +
Account Management
Catherine Ramos Account Manager +
Melanie Register Account Manager +
Brantley Easterling Account Manager +
Tyler Parke Account Manager +
Victoria Jones Account Manager +
Josephine Broderick Project Coordinator +
Seth Freeman Account Manager +
Katie Rutledge Account Manager +
Kristen Brady Account Manager +
Media Team
Laura Pate Media Buying Supervisor +
Nick Andersen Digital Marketing Manager +
Amanda Wolfe Co-Op Strategy Manager +
Maret Williamson Media Buyer +
Kara Stushek Junior Digital Analyst +
Zach Shuler Junior Digital Analyst +
Kiana Roeback Junior Digital Analyst +
Creative Team
Megan Hodge Content Strategist/Copywriter +
Christian Jones Editor / Producer +
Mark Moughamian Editor / Producer +
Taylor Phipps Designer +
Chelsea Burkett Designer +
Lea LaConia Designer +
Chancy Ripley Editor / Producer +