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    Our industry experts are ready to take the wheel – and take your automotive advertising to the next level. Our award winning Charleston based marketing agency is ready for you, come get your own dedicated automotive advertising specialist today!

    TV • Radio • Digital • Youtube • Motion Graphic

    Our in-house production team is uniquely equipped to create TV commercials, digital videos and radio spots that automotive dealers – and their audiences – can’t resist. Whether utilizing corporate assets or coordinating commercial shoots, our Charleston marketing agency is known for meeting tight deadlines and consistently exceeding expectations for our automotive advertising clients.

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    ​”I’ve been in the automotive business for 20 years and worked with many agencies – but none compare to Motivated Marketing. Their team has always been super professional while consistently challenging us to think outside the box. They genuinely want their clients to win in the market. Plus, they’re in constant contact, checking in every day, just like they were in house.”

    Joel Smith, Hendrick Automotive

    Longform Content • On Site • Off Site • GBP • Citations • Reporting • Dedicated Specialists

    * some of the brands we SEO for

    Think of SEO as a puzzle – a dynamic, ever-changing set of pieces to fit together. Some pieces are large and some are small, but no single piece can achieve and sustain long-term success on its own.

    Motivated Marketing can help assemble the puzzle, creating a complete picture of the digital landscape and your brand’s place in it. Our SEO management approach is strategically designed to boost clients’ online visibility and overall website traffic. With this mission in mind, our team pairs consistent monthly content creation/development with targeted onsite and offsite SEO tactics.

    We believe that when clients have a strong digital footprint, measurable rankings are sure to follow. Transparency also plays a large role, with detailed reporting on specific strategy and implementation used to inform clients each step of the way.

    Google Business Profile & Off-site Optimization

    Google is constantly analyzing how searchers engage with Google My Business listings. As the business owner, your engagement is considered, too. The more interaction, the better your chances of ranking higher in the local three-pack – and in organic rankings in general. Motivated Marketing will continue optimizing your Google My Business listing monthly to achieve the best ranking possible.

    Citation Cleanup

    Our approach is to accrue and clean up high-quality business citations, aiming to surpass your competitors, both in local search rankings and in your overall visibility across the web. We execute a one-time cost set-up and clean-up of the most important listings and provide a document that includes login details for each service.

    Ongoing Content Development

    Decades ago, you might have gotten by with the bare minimum: having a presence on Google. But in today’s digital world, you must do more than merely exist on the web. You need to stand out. A great way to keep your site relevant to customers is through the consistent addition of fresh content and inbound sources of traffic.

    Reporting & Dedicated Specialist

    Because informed clients are happy clients, Motivated Marketing will assign a dedicated Digital Specialist to your account. They will provide insight into what our team is doing for your digital presence. You can expect monthly detailed reporting about where you stand digitally and how close you are to attaining your goals, along with detailed notes on the work we’ve done.


    Our graphic design gurus offer a wide range of services, with their passion for eye-catching creative apparent. We strive to deliver top notch design unique to each individual automotive advertising campaign we execute.

    While not exhaustive, this list includes the major mediums our team designs for:

    media buying

    Our Charleston advertising agency of experienced media experts negotiate buys in markets across the country, positioning dealerships for success and growth.
    They work hard to ensure the right automotive advertising ads are viewed by the right audience at the right time – and it’s this strategic approach that gets customers on the lot.

    media buying

    Our experienced media experts negotiate buys in markets across the country, positioning dealerships for success and growth.
    They work hard to ensure the right ads are viewed by the right audience at the right time – and it’s this strategic approach that gets customers on the lot.


    Our team not only produces the creative, but coordinates email campaigns’ entire execution. Put us in the driver’s seat from the very start, and sit back while we get attention-grabbing emails from design to digital mailbox!

    direct mail

    Our direct mail specialists ensure a successful delivery – one that’s on time AND on message! The results our automotive advertising clients enjoy are proof that mail works, and that M2’s strategy does, too!


    Our tech-savvy digital team has a knack for polishing automotive dealers’ online presence, providing the following services
    and then analyzing results to optimize each automotive advertising campaign’s success:


    Our tech-savvy digital team has a knack for polishing automotive dealers’ online presence, providing the following services and then analyzing results to optimize each campaign’s success:

    paid search




    What Is Car Advertising (Automotive Advertising)?

    The automotive industry is ever changing, with new models and innovative technology constantly hitting the streets – nearly faster than consumers can keep up. The car-buying process, in response, has been redefined to meet drivers’ needs. Today, many Palmetto State dealers strive to provide a simple, stress-free experience, relying on effective car advertising to spread the word.


    How is Car Advertising So Important To The Auto Industry?

    Car advertising plays a major role in dealerships’ success, with many showing a direct correlation between ad spend and cars sold.

    Here’s what Statista Research Department research reveals:

    • American dealerships spent $7.48 billion on advertising in 2020.
      • Average dealership spent $273 thousand on online advertising.
      • Average dealership spent $70 thousand on TV advertising.
      • Average dealership spent $41.4 thousand on radio advertising.
    • The automotive industry in the U.S. spent $12.42 billion in 2020 on digital advertising alone.
    • Mobile ad spend in the U.S. climbed over $129 billion in 2020, with the retail sector accounting for nearly a quarter of that total.


    How Costly is Car Advertising?

    At Motivated Marketing, our team delivers incredible creative that meets dealers’ unique needs – and their budgets. We offer various packages to assist clients of all sizes, from small hometown dealers to national automotive groups. Because we believe that limited funds should never limit your potential, our marketing specialists will work to deliver the most bang for your buck.


    Biggest Challenge for the Automotive Marketers When Performing Car Advertising?

    A vehicle purchase is a major investment, and many car dealers must contend with an age-old stereotype – one that portrays them as slick, sleazy and solely focused on profit. That’s why gaining consumers’ trust is often dealers’ biggest challenge. They must not only communicate monthly deals and savings, but prove that customers will enjoy honest service from the very start.

    M2’s marketing specialists can help, setting your car dealership apart from the competition. We know that reaching car buyers means meeting them where they are: online. In fact, studies show that 97% of people interested in buying, repairing or customizing a vehicle start their search online. Our team produces eye-catching digital advertising that stops consumers from scrolling – and gets them on the lot.


    3 Major Changes Impacting Automotive Marketing Moving Forward (2022)

    The automotive industry is advancing quickly, with the following changes encouraging progress:

    The pandemic forced a shift to digital.

    Many dealerships were already beginning to offer more services digitally, with 88% of buyers starting their car search online. But the pandemic accelerated these advancements, and while some dealerships struggled to make the shift, others pivoted quickly. Today, many of our clients offer 100% digital buying, allowing consumers to complete the entire purchase process from home.

    Buyers are demanding a different approach.

    Buyers are not only busy, but accustomed to purchasing everything online. This applies to vehicle purchases as well. Many prospective buyers expect to be able to see all their options online, saving them the time and hassle of visiting the lot.

    Siloed data and tools won’t work.

    Auto companies take a siloed approach, with specialists sticking to what they know: sales, service, financing, etc. But this strategy is not effective in nurturing leads. To ensure consumers enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish, data is used to reach them at each stage of the process.


    Can I Do The Marketing Myself Instead Of Using An Advertising Agency?

    Sure, if you have plenty of spare time on your hands – and experience gathering data, predicting trends, targeting audiences, producing killer campaigns, etc. Or you can trust our team to handle it for you, freeing you to focus on what you do best: selling cars!

    Our marketing specialists understand the automotive industry and the unique challenges that face dealerships like yours. And we know how best to reach prospective buyers, turning leads into loyal customers. We have been serving automotive clients for over a decade, and we are eager to put our experience to work for you.


    What Are The Biggest Mistakes Car Dealerships Make In Managing Their Own Automotive Advertising?

    Many car dealers find themselves veering off track, with these potholes in their paths:

    • Low quality content
    • Failure to embrace search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Inconsistent social media presence and no audience engagement
    • Poorly developed online marketing strategy
    • No competitor analysis or data analysis
    • Amateurish website
    • Website not optimized for mobile devices
    • No paid advertising

    No matter the mistake, our marketing specialists can get your dealership back on the road to success! We’ve done it countless times, taking our clients to the next level with expertly-crafted creative and proven strategy.


    What Makes M2 Different from Other Advertising Agencies?

    Here at Motivated Marketing, we take an innovative approach, blending modern and traditional advertising to reach your target audience. Our marketing specialists often recommend a cross-platform strategy to reach buyers through digital (paid search, social media, etc.) and traditional (TV, radio, etc.) avenues.

    With over 15 years of experience, we have earned our reputation for unmatched service. M2 prioritizes open communication, assigning a designated marketing specialist to managing your account. Trust our team to keep in touch, and to provide the following services:

    Brand Development
    Digital Advertising
    Direct Mail
    Email Marketing
    Graphic Design
    Media Buying
    Social Media
    Video Production
    Web & Development


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