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Whether we’re starting from scratch or performing life-saving measures, our Charleston marketing agency believes that a well-defined healthcare advertising brand is key.
From visual elements to messaging, our healthcare advertising agency of skilled specialists have the industry experience to craft a brand whose reputation is nothing to sneeze at.

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Our talented graphic designers have crafted the following products for our satisfied healthcare advertising clients:

brand & identity




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The healthcare industry is different from most others, requiring a deep understanding of each practice’s audience and how best to reach them. TV and radio are popular methods, and our experienced healthcare advertising production pros create spots that help spread clients’ messages faster than the flu.

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tv production tv commercial for healthcare advertising by motivated marketing
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With countless completed websites as the evidence, our web developers know what works and what doesn’t. Our goal is to make sure users’ online experience is as spectacular as the one they’ll have once they’ve booked an appointment. Healthcare advertising performed in a way that equal real results. 


While our healthcare clients strive to help patients look and feel their best, our digital team is focused on keeping their online presence healthy. Our Charleston advertising agency provide the following services to do just that:

  • Paid search/search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Display/remarketing ads
  • Video advertising (pre-roll, social media)


Many of our advertising clients have multiple locations, but it’s just as crucial that patients can easily find them online as well. Years of experience have allowed us to develop SEO best practices that accomplish this. Keyword research, backlink audits, Google optimization and more, our SEO team is skilled in gaining you organic search traffic and exposure. 


social media

Social media is a great way for healthcare practices to connect with patients – and it’s often an important piece of our strategy. Our Charleston advertising agency of social media experts not only creates engaging ads that stop users mid-scroll, but we’ll track results to determine what resonates best.

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    Healthcare Advertising FAQS 

    What is Healthcare Advertising?

    The main focus of healthcare advertising is to connect with patients, creating a cross-platform experience that is as warm and welcoming as your office. Whether your marketing campaign’s goal is to attract new patients or retain current ones, Motivated Marketing can help.

    Why is Healthcare Advertising So Important to the Healthcare Industry?

    Healthcare advertising plays a major role in the industry. Patients today have more options than ever, and while this provides access to top-quality care, it can also be overwhelming. A compelling campaign can help set your medical practice apart – and show potential patients why your team can be trusted.

    Here’s how M2’s marketing specialists utilize a strong healthcare advertising campaign:

    • Target new patients seeking care
    • Demonstrate expertise in order to gain trust
    • Keep patients engaged throughout their healthcare journey
    • Connect with patients across various platforms
    • Evaluate data/feedback and adjust strategy
    • Seek reviews and testimonials

    How Can I Gain More Clients With Healthcare Advertising?

    Long gone are the days when patients based their healthcare decisions solely on their doctor’s referrals. Today’s patients are now actively researching, presenting practices with a golden opportunity to connect. That is why healthcare advertising has grown into a billion dollar industry.

    In fact, initial estimates put healthcare organizations’ ad spend around $11.5 billion in 2021 – with this total expected to increase in the future. Traditional advertising, such as TV, direct mail, and billboards, makes up the majority of ad spend. But digital ad spend is surging, expected to approach $3 billion by 2021.

    Hospitals’ and medical practices’ ever-increasing ad budgets prove that healthcare advertising gets results. As trends evolve, our marketing specialists can help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure your practice stands out!

    How Costly is Healthcare Advertising?

    Quality marketing, just like quality care, comes with a price tag attached. But here at Motivated Marketing, we cater our services to your unique needs – always keeping your budget in mind. We offer a variety of packages and payment options to ensure every client receives top-notch service, whether you’re a small-town family doctor or a major hospital system.

    What Is the Biggest Challenge When Implementing Healthcare Advertising?

    Patients’ biggest complaint is often that they feel misunderstood. Many of the ads they see seem too sales-focused, making them feel more like a paycheck than a patient. Here at M2, our marketing specialists understand your audience’s concerns, and we work diligently to gain their trust through campaigns that are authentic and relevant. We target your audience to ensure the right ads get in front of the right eyes, always aimed at adding value and establishing credibility.

    Can I Do My Own Marketing Instead Of Using An Advertising Agency?

    Some healthcare practices choose to manage their own marketing, but many quickly realize that it is an exhausting endeavor. It takes serious time and skill to gather the necessary data and craft a strategy. Not to mention the work it takes to put your plan in motion!

    Our marketing specialists are trained to handle your advertising account, and as a full-service agency, we have you covered. From data analysis and budgeting to graphic design and website optimization, our team can handle it all. Just ask one of the countless healthcare practices on our client list!

    What Is The Biggest Mistake Health Professionals Make In Managing Their Own Healthcare Advertising?

    M2’s marketing specialists can help your Palmetto State practice avoid these mistakes:

    • Low-quality content
    • Lack of online or paid advertising strategy
    • Failure to optimize for search engines and mobile devices
    • No competitor analysis
    • Poorly designed website
    • Inconsistent social media presence or lack of engagement
    • Failure to analyze data and adapt approach

    Guilty of some of these mistakes? Motivated Marketing is the cure! Contact us today to develop a healthcare advertising strategy that is sure to have patients calling!

    What Makes M2 Different from Other Advertising Agencies?

    Here at Motivated Marketing, our approach is one of a kind – because we understand that each client is unique! Our team combines digital (paid search, social media, etc.) and traditional (TV, radio, etc.) advertising to provide your patients with a cross-platform experience that is second to none. Over our 15 years in the ad biz, we have learned a thing or two about communication: it is best when it is open, honest and frequent. That is why you will have a designated marketing specialist working on your account, closely managing each ad from start to finish. Trust our team to keep in touch, and to provide cutting edge and cost effective marketing services.

    Healthcare Advertising Near Me  | Charleston Marketing Company Near Me
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