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Motivated Marketing partners with many attorneys, making a compelling case for the quality service they provide with our high quality legal advertising. This requires a strong, cohesive brand, one with a consistent voice and visual elements that share all it stands for. Our Charleston marketing agency knows branding inside and out, and the official verdict is in: M2 gets results.


Having proven their expertise across a wide variety of mediums, the only thing our design team is guilty of is crafting high-quality legal advertising marketing materials. Each is carefully designed to help our legal clients stand out and reach a particular goal, whether that’s increasing their name recognition or case load.

brand & identity





​​The to-do list leading up to a shoot might overwhelm a rookie, but our seasoned team has countless multi-day commercial shoots under their belt. They book talent and manage set-up with ease, ensuring each shoot goes off without a hitch. Editing comes next, followed by the much-anticipated debut of our latest masterpiece of legal advertising.


After determining an attorney’s target demographic, it takes a true media master to ensure the right ads reach the right audience.
Ours know the secret behind strategic placement and buy time slots that get the most bang for your buck.


Our expert web developers have determined what works and what doesn’t, especially in the legal advertising space. Our Charleston marketing agency strives to create websites that are easy to use, but hard to forget – a combination that differentiates one law firm from another.



Our digital team stays up to date on the latest industry trends, employing the most innovative techniques to help our legal advertising clients stand out:

  • Paid search/search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Display/remarketing ads
  • Video advertising (pre-roll, social media)



M2’s extensive experience working with attorneys in various markets has taught our team valuable SEO strategies. We put them to work for our clients, focused on increasing their name recognition – and, of course, caseloads.

Our Charleston marketing agency of dedicated Legal Advertising Specialist are ready to meet you today!