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Think of SEO as a puzzle – a dynamic, ever-changing set of pieces to fit together. Some pieces are large and some are small, but no single piece can achieve and sustain long-term success on its own.

Motivated Marketing can help assemble the puzzle, creating a complete picture of the digital landscape and your brand’s place in it. Our SEO management approach is strategically designed to boost clients’ online visibility and overall website traffic. With this mission in mind, our team pairs consistent monthly content creation/development with targeted onsite and offsite SEO tactics.

We believe that when clients have a strong digital footprint, measurable rankings are sure to follow. Transparency also plays a large role, with detailed reporting on specific strategy and implementation used to inform clients each step of the way.

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts your brand’s visibility, helping you reach your target audience where they are: online. The goal of SEO is to gain a deeper understanding of consumers, and to optimize content so that your rise through the ranks – and land at the top of the results page.

What is Local SEO?
Local SEO seeks to increase visibility around a physical location, best serving businesses with multiple locations. This SEO strategy targets customers/clients who are searching for services or goods near them in real-time.

What is the Difference Between SEO vs Local SEO?
Despite sharing a common goal, SEO and local SEO achieve it in different ways. Traditional SEO aims to reach consumers everywhere, regardless of physical location. Local SEO, however, is much more targeted and involves an element of urgency. That makes local SEO a wise choice for businesses whose customers are searching for a brick-and-mortar location instead of an online one. SEO, in contrast, is best for companies that generate sales online.

Pieces of the SEO Puzzle

Google Business Profile & Off-site Optimization

Google is constantly analyzing how searchers engage with Google My Business listings. As the business owner, your engagement is considered, too. The more interaction, the better your chances of ranking higher in the local three-pack – and in organic rankings in general. Motivated Marketing will continue optimizing your Google Business Profile listing monthly to achieve the best ranking possible.

Citation Cleanup

Our approach is to accrue and clean up high-quality business citations, aiming to surpass your competitors, both in local search rankings and in your overall visibility across the web. We execute a one-time cost set-up and clean-up of the most important listings and provide a document that includes login details for each service.

Ongoing Content Development

Decades ago, you might have gotten by with the bare minimum: having a presence on Google. But in today’s digital world, you must do more than merely exist on the web. You need to stand out. A great way to keep your site relevant to customers is through the consistent addition of fresh content and inbound sources of traffic.

Reporting & Dedicated Specialist

Because informed clients are happy clients, Motivated Marketing will assign a dedicated Digital Specialist to your account. They will provide insight into what our team is doing for your digital presence. You can expect monthly detailed reporting about where you stand digitally and how close you are to attaining your goals, along with detailed notes on the work we’ve done.

*Optimized Google Business Profile Example

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    How Can
    Search Engine Optimization
    Help My Business?

    Chart shows impressions growth from SEO related efforts on Google SERP

    Reason #1: SEO Helps Your Business Rank On Page 1 of Search Engine Results
    Search engine users rarely look past the first page of results, so it’s incredibly important that they find your website there! Our SEO team can help!

    Reason #2: SEO Helps Identify Keywords and Use Them to Optimize Content
    Our SEO specialists will take a deep dive into the data, identifying which keywords your target audience is searching. Then, we’ll make sure your website includes content that puts these keywords on full display.

    Reason #3: SEO Helps New Clientele Discover Your Business
    In today’s web-centric world, your site is often consumers’ first introduction to your brand. As they say, first impressions are everything! Make sure yours is a good one by properly positioning your website where your audience can easily find it.

    Reason #4: SEO Helps Link Building So Your Website Has More Credibility
    Establishing trust is key, and link building does just that! When other websites link to yours, it makes your business appear respected and credible – and your audience will take notice!

    Difference Between SEO (Organic Search) vs Paid Search

    SEO Ranks For More Type of Searches
    Most of the results on the search engine results page are organic, often including FAQs, maps, extensions, etc. That means that SEO marketing can take credit for up to 80% of the results delivered! Optimizing your Google My Business page also yields great results.

    SEO Costs Less
    SEO marketing makes a big impact for a relatively small fee. This budget-friendly tactic may involve a one-time fee or a monthly one, depending on the approach taken. Here at M2, our SEO team will continue to monitor your website’s performance, making tweaks as needed to keep your business ahead of the competition.

    PPC, on the other hand, requires media purchasing. Costs not only depend on your goals but the current market. As keywords become more or less relevant, prices will fluctuate.

    SEO Can Helps Your Website Rank Longer
    When executed properly, SEO provides long-lasting results. Your business may enjoy increased search engine rankings for several years! As mentioned above, M2 will continue to monitor results to ensure your website’s top performance.

    PPC’s lifespan pales in comparison, lasting only as long as you continue to purchase media. To their credit, PPC campaigns yield fast results – but they don’t last long.

    SEO Pros

    • Requires less regular maintenance than Paid Search
    • Generates long-term consistent traffic and ROI
    • Boosts organic exposure on search engine results pages

    SEO Biggest Con

    The biggest drawback of SEO is that results can take longer to achieve. 

    Paid Search Pros

    • Allows you to reach a highly-targeted audience
    • Provide immediate results 
    • Increases website traffic

    Paid Search Biggest Con

    Paid search is known for being a pricey approach with costs that are often difficult to maintain. 

    local seo seo engine optimization

    How Can I Improve My Business’s SEO?

    Sure, you can perform your own search engine optimization – but you’d better be up to the challenge. Or you can trust our experienced team to handle it for you, saving you valuable time and money! Motivated Marketing offers the following SEO services:

    On-Page SEO (Title Tags, Meta Tags etc)
    On-page SEO involves the optimization of particular web pages in order to rank higher on search engines. Including both content and HTML source codes (title tags, meta tags, etc.), this strategy is often a highly effective one.

    Blog Content
    Relevant blog content is an effective way to increase visibility as well. By creating engaging posts that feature top keywords, our team can make your site more appealing to potential customers/clients.

    Citation Management 
    In the realm of local SEO, citations refer to mentions of your brand’s name, phone number or address on another business’s website. These citations play a major role in local SEO, especially when your business is new to the marketplace. Building citations helps your rank in local search results, and verifies to Google that your business is located where your website says it is.

    Competitor Analysis
    Our SEO specialists keep a close eye on the competition, using analysis tools to find which businesses could pose a threat. This helps inform your marketing strategy moving forward. Here at M2, we’ll not only perform an initial competitor analysis but continue to monitor the situation.

    Content Creation
    High ranking requires high-quality content. Our team can help, whether we’re enhancing current content with relevant keywords or starting from scratch.

    Data Analytics 
    To truly understand how well your website is performing, an intensive SEO analysis is necessary. M2 has you covered, with a dedicated team experienced in data analytics.

    Google My Profile (formerly Google My Business) 
    Your Google Business Profile is a simple way to optimize your online presence across Google platforms, including Maps and Search. By crafting a great listing, we’ll make sure your business is easily accessible to those searching for it.

    Keyword Research
    Put simply, keyword research is used to determine which terms your audience is searching for. Once we know which keywords to include, we’ll make sure they feature prominently in your website’s content.

    Link Building Content 
    Often considered the biggest ranking factors, backlinks are like endorsements from other brands. Google values these highly, so it’s crucial to get good ones! The best way to do this? Create content that other brands are proud to stand behind.

    Monthly Reports
    Accountability is important – and our team provides it! M2 offers complete transparency, keeping our clients updated regularly. Part of our constant communication includes monthly reports that cover factors like conversation rate, rankings and organic traffic.

    SEO Audit
    Audits are helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of your current digital marketing strategy. This will inform our strategy moving forward, ensuring the best results for your business!

    Backlinks Clean-Up
    Links on other websites that send online users to yours are valuable. These backlinks are also called inbound links, and their quality and quantity can help boost your ranking. Backlinks are a good way to assess your website’s popularity, so our SEO experts monitor them closely.

    As SEO evolves, our team works hard to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re interested in adding any of these SEO services, M2 can help! Contact us today to get started.
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    SEO FAQs

    Can I Do My Own SEO Instead of Hiring an SEO Agency?
    Sure, DIY is an option for SEO. But like most things, it’s best left to the professionals. Technology and algorithms are constantly changing, making effective SEO marketing a full-time job. Trust our SEO experts to save you time, hassle and money – and help your business grow!

    What is SEO Marketing?
    SEO marketing falls under the digital marketing umbrella. It is the method that businesses use to boost visibility and website traffic in an organic way. By moving your brand up the Google result ranks, you’ll have more eyes on your content – the start of turning potential consumers into loyal ones!

    What Effect Does SEO Have on Your Search?
    SEO helps improve your rank organically on search engines, striving to land on page 1 without paid search. Paid search can be very expensive, so many businesses take the organic, SEO approach instead. There are a list of SEO standards that impact rankings, like title tags, meta tags, alt tags, backlinks, keywords and more. Sound like gibberish? M2’s SEO specialists are here to help!

    What is the Difference Between On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO?
    Effective SEO strategies involve two groups simultaneously: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

    On-page SEO focuses on optimizing the parts of your website that you control (ex. title tags, headers, page speed, mobile friendliness, internal linking etc.). Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to the ways your site appears around the web (ex. backlinks, local seo, social media, etc.).

    Does Responding to Reviews Help SEO?
    Yes, responding to reviews is beneficial. That’s according to Google – so it’s a safe bet that you can take that advice to the bank!

    How Many Keywords Should Be Used to Optimize Content? 
    M2’s SEO team recommends focusing on one main keyword per page, with a few variations mixed in. Keep in mind that each web page should spotlight a single topic, with the most relevant keywords featured.

    Is SEO Dead?
    Far from it! SEO remains an effective digital marketing tool in 2022. As algorithms change and new technology emerges, we adapt with cutting-edge strategies to boost your biz.

    So why are some folks convinced that SEO has fallen by the wayside? Probably because the sneaky hacks, machine-generated content and spam links that once worked can no longer fool Google.

    We’ve entered a new era of SEO – one that requires real work (and killer content) to earn search engine ranking. Sound exhausting? Let our team handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best.

    What is an SEO Audit? 

    An SEO audit is the analysis of your web site’s performance. It is performed to determine if best practices are being followed, creating a baseline for measuring future results. Audits can also identify concerns, like these:

    • Technical issues
    • Poorly structured websites
    • On-page SEO issues
    • Potential off-site problems
    • User experience issues
    • Content gaps and opportunities
    • Competitive marketplace insights

    It’s wise to incorporate regular audits into your standard SEO procedure. Just think of it like routine maintenance on your car!

    How Do I Choose an SEO Company?

    Here are a few tips for choosing the right marketing agency to manage SEO:

    1. Ask SEO agencies for case studies
    2. Review potential companies’ portfolios
    3. Conduct in-person meetings to see if its a good fit
    4. Be transparent about your SEO budget
    5. Identify specific goals and find an agency that can help achieve them
    6. Trust word of mouth
    7. Review the SEO agency’s online reputation
    8. Prioritize good communication skills
    9. Check that the SEO company offers reports to track progress


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