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Your brick-and-mortar business most likely doesn’t operate 24 hours a day – and it certainly isn’t accessible to customers on the other side of the world.

Your website, however, is always open to those searching for the goods or services you provide, no matter their location. In fact, it’s possible that more people may visit your website in one day than your physical location all year.

Given the digital world we live in, it is more important than ever that your website is a direct reflection of your brand. A user’s online experience may be their first introduction to your brand and as they say, first impressions are everything. That’s why it’s crucial to attain optimal accuracy and functionality, ensuring your business doesn’t miss online opportunities.

With so many pieces to a website – such as design, hosting, domain names, search engine optimization, blogs, etc. – creating a great one can seem overwhelming.

Motivated Marketing can help. We have bundled custom packages to make your job simple and stress-free! Choose one and let us get to work. After your website goes live, we will continue to encourage growth and optimization across the web. This will keep you a step ahead of the competition while ensuring that customers can easily find you when they search.

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    Consultation and Discovery

    Our process starts with a kickoff meeting. This is your opportunity to meet the whole project team and get a base understanding of the steps to follow. Next comes the discovery phase, when the User Scenario Exercise will be completed. We’ll analyze a list of website users and their needs to identify your target audience. Our team will take it from there!

    Design Services

    Every website we build starts with a custom Style Guide. This guide details the site’s design framework – for now and the future. It includes fonts, pictures, colors, buttons, etc. Once you have approved the style guide, we will begin mocking up pages. With good communication and approval flow, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the design and as eager as we are to move into the development stage.

    Website Development

    Considering the coding expertise necessary, many brands expect development to be the most time-consuming step. It involves creating the environments to work in, transforming the design into reality, getting all systems integrated and installing 3rd party plugins.

    But if discovery and design are done correctly, development can actually be the speediest step! That being said, you will still need to test the code and verify functionality – a process that should go smoothly with proper setup.


    Where your website lives is as important as the website itself. Cheaper hosting can cause your site to slow down when quick load times are needed, or put it at risk for being exploited. Motivated Marketing partners with trusted hosting providers responsible for backing up your website, and ensuring the speed and reliability that keep your website at peak performance.

    SEO Services

    SEO is a large and dynamic puzzle. No one piece alone will achieve and sustain long term success. Some pieces are larger and some are smaller, but you need to put all of the pieces together in order to get the full SEO picture and that is where Motivated Marketing comes in.

    Website Packages

    Design & Development

         Web Style Guide
         Templated design based on style guide 
         Custom design with Graphic Designer  
         Stock Images510UNLIMITED
         Info Graphic / Icon Development  
         Pages1 – 51 – 151 – 100
         Content Management System
         Complex Forms – Database Storage  
         Privacy Policy
         Accessibility Policy and Guidelines  
         Monthly Maintenance / Work Hours51015
         SSL Secure Hosting
         %99.9 uptime
         Website Backups
         SSD hosting
         Site Cacheing
         Unique IP Address  
         Competitive Analysis  
         Keyword Research
         Keyword Ranking Report 
         PPC Review  
         Content Review 
         Local SEO Audit
         Ongoing Site Monitoring 
         Audit / Recommendations
         Onsite Updates 
             Meta Descriptions 
             Local SEO Audit  
             Copy / Content 
             Image Tags 
             SALP (Service Area Landing Pages)  
             8 Core Listings  
             50+ Listings 
             Industry Specific Listings 
             Online Review Monitoring 
             Set up to 10 locations  
             Unlimited Locations & Practitioner Pages 
             GMB Posts Per Month124
             Q&A Month Per Month113
             Monthly Blogs11-22-4
             Video / Social Strategy  
             Sliders / Header Images  
             New Content Pages224
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    How much does a web developer charge?

    Here at Motivated Marketing, our team handles everything from simple website updates to complete overhauls. Cost depends on the scope of the project, so we’d love to learn more about yours! Schedule a meeting with our team to get started.

    Why is web design important for my business?

    A website that’s difficult to use or poorly designed is a major turnoff to users. Keep in mind that your website may be a potential customer’s first introduction to your brand. It’s undeniable that first impressions count, and Motivated Marketing can help make sure that yours is a good one!

    How long will it take you to make my new website?

    In general, the client sets the project’s pace. The amount of input provided and your availability for feedback will greatly impact how long it takes our web team to progress from the initial stages to completion. The complexity of the site factors in as well, with sites that require higher levels of functionality taking longer to develop.

    Does your marketing company only work with local clients?

    No, our full-service marketing agency works with clients all over the country! 

    Will Motivated Marketing maintain my website for me?

    Absolutely. In addition to launching new websites and refreshing outdated ones, M2’s web team performs continued maintenance to keep content fresh and optimize results.

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