meet stuffy
and the gang!

Stuffy and his pals are synonymous with Charleston ENT & Allergy, making the practice more relatable and fun – especially to its younger patients. There’s no telling where the characters will pop up next, but their consistent use across all of the brand’s marketing mediums has helped the practice build a trusted reputation in the community.

bringing stuffy to life.

With the 2-dimensional schnoz as our muse, Motivated Marketing’s Creative Team brainstormed and scripted a series of TV commercials featuring Stuffy and his pursuit of allergy relief. But it quickly became evident that to really bring the congested character to life, we’d need to create a life-size mascot. So that’s exactly what we did.

branding & design

Because we know that consistency plays a huge role in a brand’s success, our team worked hard to create a set of brand guidelines that would dictate how, when and where each design element would be used. Now that the brand has been carefully defined, we continue to reinforce its message to the masses. And our client continues to provide “better care in every sense.”

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