defining the parks promise

Parks Automotive Group challenged Motivated Marketing to map out a creative strategy that would not only define their brand, but provide consistency between four dealerships. Determined to present a campaign that embodied Parks’ core values, our team soon agreed on a winning idea: the Parks Promise. We gave a name to the premium service and integrity that were already so evident in the Parks team, and translated the theme seamlessly across all marketing mediums.

branding & design

Once we’d settled on a concept, our team focused on the “look and feel” that would bring the messaging to life. Putting a modern twist on a retro look was our way of paying homage to Parks Automotive Group’s 50 years in the business – and each design, from feather banners to digital ones, was met with excitement. We presented various a la carte options to give each dealership the freedom to choose the ones that best suited them.


Our vision for the Parks Promise included television and radio, using the traditional mediums to communicate an all-new, original concept. The tagline “Experience the Parks Promise” would be utilized in every spot to establish cohesion between dealerships and across marketing platforms.

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